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Never Stop Dating!

One advice that I’d like to give to married couples is to never stop dating. Always make sure you are pursuing your spouse – every day. And one of the best way’s to do that is to never stop dating.

Why keep dating you ask?
When you’re dating, you’re learning new things about one another. You’re finding out what each other likes, dislikes, favourite things to do, favourite movies, etc. It’s an exciting period, isn’t it? There’s a thrill of learning about a new person. It’s exhilarating. But like all things, new things eventually become old. And like with most things, once things become old, they become neglected, forgotten about and worst, taken for granted. That’s dangerous ground. When you start taking each other for granted, you start treating each other with less love and respect. You may treat each other more harshly. You may become ungrateful.

Bring on the dates!

Weekly dates
A good practice is to have weekly dates with your spouse. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and spend lots of money nor does it mean you need to spend lots of time either. It’s a night where you spend quality time with each other. Maybe it’s doing something you love together. Maybe it’s as simple as sharing a heart to heart. No matter what it is, block of a night a week to just be alone together – no cell phones, no kids, just quality time with the Mr. or Mrs.

One thing my wife and I do once a month is have a “monthiversary”. Every 3rd of the month, we celebrate the start of our dating period. We started dating on the 3rd and we’ve kept this practice for the past seven years – ever since we started dating! Every 3rd, we will go out on a date to celebrate our monthiversary. We’ll talk to each other about highlights about the marriage and most of all, simply enjoy spending time with one another. That’s the key. We look forward to it every month and we always block it off on the calendar. It’s intentional and everyone knows we do that.

What are your best date ideas? Feel free to comment and share them with our readers!

What is Marriage Is Bliss?

Introducing… marriage is bliss.

I’ve always been happily married. I’ve always been happily engaged. I’ve always been happily dating. I’ve only dated once in my life – and that was to the girl I married.

Throughout my courtship, engagement and marriage, friends and co-workers would look at me and be amazed at how happily in love I was and then tell me “oh you’re in the honeymoon phase, you’ll get over it.”I heard that when we got engaged. I heard that after we first got married. I heard that after a year into our marriage, two years, three years, four years and now after five years.

Trust me, it’s not a honeymoon phase. This is the way I feel about my wife. I love her more every day and I love her more today than I did when we first met. Every day is another day I get to spend with my wife and my cup overflowth because of that!

Marriage is a gift. Marriage is precious. Marriage should be celebrated.

I’m tired of reading about all the naysayers and doubters about marriage. I’m tired of hearing that marriage is a ball and chain. I’m tired of reading all the apathy.

I can’t believe that I’m the only one that feels this way. I know you are out there. I know there are people happily married and have amazing marriages.

Let’s celebrate marriage. Let’s celebrate all the joys it brings. Let’s talk about how to keep our marriages strong and alive. That’s the point of this site. Are you with me?

The objective? To love more than yesterday, but never more than tomorrow.